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Otrum Enterprise Touch

Many guests are now arriving at the hotel with their own smartphones, tablets and other media devices. 
Otrum allows the hotel to embrace the guest’s own device by displaying a tailored webpage via the device’s browser as soon as the guest connects to the hotel WiFi network.

Many of the services available via the in-room TV become instantly available on the guest’s own device, even before they check-in to the hotel: 
local time and weather
flight information
worldwide weather information
TV Channel Overview (with live EPG)
hotel information pages
room service and bar menus
Once the guest enters their room, the device can be paired with the TV using a code obtained from the TV Main Menu.

Together with Otrum Enterprise and the LG LP860H, the guest has the opportunity to share/mirror their tablet or smartphone content direct to the TV in their room.
All TV based hotel, city and travel information is synchronized with the Smartphone to allow the guest to take the information with them when they leave the room, or even when they go off-site.
Guests can use their own tablet to interact and search though the entire YouTube catalogue. Selected videos will then play on the Smart TV with full-screen HD quality. This solution does not load the guest WiFi network with any data, as all streaming is done over the TV network to the Smart TV. The tablet offers full control of video selection, playback and volume controls.


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