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Otrum Start

Up-to-date digital solutions

Otrum Start at its core is a unique hotel broadcasting platform for a variety of guest service applications. At its simplest, guests will be able to easily locate and enjoy the available TV channels with a graphical guide, check the weather forecast or explore the hotel’s products and services. Otrum Start also acts as a digital concierge – guiding the guest to local restaurants and attractions via billboards and maps presented on their TVs. Before turning off the TV, the guest can set their morning wake-up using the remote control.
The ability to quickly and easily add or update information creates real savings in printing costs and allows a more timely presentation of pertinent and valuable information to guests. This can be done using a simple web browser, and can also be done remotely.

LG Pro:Centric

Using the Pro: Centric technology from LG, Otrum removes the need for a set top box, or any additional in-room hardware/costs. The LG Pro: Centric solution offers an easy and effective way of uploading channel lists and TV settings to all TVs in the network, without the need to visit each room independently. The remote manager allows simple deployment of software updates and channel lists in an easy and effective way. Brand Channel
The “Brand Channel” makes it possible to build and publish dynamic brand content directly to remote properties via internet connectivity. Utilising this solution a hotel or a chain HQ can control the content on in-room screens in all rooms. It is a web-based solution that can be managed from any location, from any web enabled device.

Technical overview:
  • 100% web based solution;
  • Focus on “user friendly” experience for staff;
  • No server hardware on property level;
  • IBM IaaS cloud hosting;
  • Video/Audio/Image playlists.
  • Full Screen Video (MPEG II & MPEG 4: H.264);
  • Images / Slideshows;
  • RSS/XML data (News / Weather / Airport Info);
  • Plain Text (Based within Branded Templates);
  • Animated elements (Text / Images / Logos).

To assist housekeepers, and technical staff with their daily routines, Otrum has created a suite of on-line tools for back office operations. Hotel staff will be able to access these dedicated tools via a web enabled mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet:

  • Room List / Status;
  • Status reporting;
  • Technical Maintenance Tasks;
  • Technical Maintenance Reporting;
  • Minibar reporting.
+Guest Internet

Otrum offers a scalable High-speed Internet Access service to appeal to hotels of all sizes, both through Ethernet cabling and WLAN. We work exclusively with recognised international hardware providers to ensure stable system operation, with global service and repair coverage.
+Guest Internet offers consistent SSID throughout the hotel, enabling guests to easily connect and stay connected. When the guest logs in to the Wi-fi network, he is re-directed to the landing page (the design can be branded and customised to the hotel’s needs) to setup his preferences:

  • Bandwidth and period selection;
  • Links to free sites or walled garden (available without charge);
  • Payment options;
  • Bill to room (using name and room number – for checked in guests);
  • Guest voucher code;
  • Meeting/Conference voucher code;
  • Credit card payment.
Once connected, the guest is free to roam within the hotel Wi-fi network without having to re-enter credentials or payment details. The subscriber management tools will also allow the guest to use multiple mobile devices during the stay, any one account/user may connect a number of devices simultaneously. The maximum number of devices per account can be defined locally. Once the allotted time period expires, the guest is re-directed to the landing page.

IPTV head-end

The most important service that the hotel offers via the TV is the provision of a quality range of digital TV channels. The days of broadcasting analogue channels to the guest rooms are gone – guests expect a wide range of digital TV options just as they have at home.
Standard hardware modules:

  • Triax TDX Cabinet (16 input + 6 output);
  • Triax TDX DVB-S input module;
  • Triax TDX DVB-T input module;
  • Triax TDX QAM output module (including card slot);
  • Triax TDX CL2 card slot;
  • Triax TMP Multiswitch.


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