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Otrum Enterprise

Otrum Enterprise is the flagship in-room solution from Otrum. 
This product offers a suite of powerful tools for both chains and independent hotels. To summarise, there are 5 key areas where Otrum Enterprise is leading the market: 
The most advanced guest user experience (Live Interface) 
Open web integration – offering new content possibilities 
The flexible and powerful Otrum marketing module 
Automated “Enterprise” business intelligence 
Cloud Control

Most Advanced User Interface
When a guest picks up their tablet or turns on the TV, they need to instantly understand how the interactive solution functions, how to find what they are looking for and how to navigate the menu. Otrum Enterprise has been created to be the most intuitive and responsive solution available – we call this the “Live Interface”. Guests find the user experience to flow naturally, respond to their requests and give clear feedback to user interaction.
Thanks to a fully integrated TV solution - Otrum Enterprise offers a clean and simple transition between Interactive and TV viewing. This offers a consistent and seamless guest experience, without the need for a set top box with the latest TV screens. Otrum solutions have a core focus on the provision of fully digital TV services. Otrum Enterprise is a fully digital solution (even over coax) offering a fully proven end-to-end digital solution.

Web Integration – Offering New Content
Thanks to open architecture, and the use of HTML5 web standards, the guest now has a full suite of web based services at their fingertips, all via their own device or via the in-room TV. Examples include: news, weather, local info, and flight status, travel advice etc.

Powerful Marketing Module
As all rooms are connected and on-line, the content of any TV screen, in any hotel can be controlled centrally by the marketing team within regional or head office.

Cloud Control
Though heavy investment in hosted technologies over the last years, Otrum has been able to release a completely new ‘cloud based’ applications platform. By moving essential data and services to the cloud, large hotel chains have a common and simplified access point to all live properties.
The Otrum Enterprise web portal offers full control of the guest experience, no matter in what room or country the guest is staying. One benefit is the live communication to the guest during their stay, allowing the chain to instantly promote revenue generating services, such as HSIA, Movies, and of course onsite F&B outlets, driving more revenue through the hotels existing services. Similarly, usage and performance information can also be gathered through the web portal, without the need to independently connect to all hotels separately.


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