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Otrum Digital Signage

Magnificent innovative solutions

Otrum’s digital signage solutions provide you with beautiful billboards in your entire hotel, showing attractive and engaging content to inform and entertain your guests. Cut printing costs on posters and leaflets, while offering superior service to conference delegates through digital wayfinding and meeting room overviews. Keep your infochannel up to date with campaigns and product promotions more easily than ever, because you manage all your screens with all your content, simply with a web browser. Ensuring that digital signage content is fresh and relevant, is the biggest challenge in a busy hotel environment. That’s why we put so much effort and emphasis on the usability and quality of the content management system we offer. We think the creative experience should be hassle-free and fun, fast and easy, so you can get things done.
Hotel chains can take full advantage of the powerful publishing and user access controls in the system. Marketing departments can easily publish templates and content to individual or several properties by brand, region or other smart groups. Local hotel staff are then able to edit and adapt the content according to their access rights, ensuring a uniform brand experience tailored to regional needs. Content display can be planned months in advance, or changed at a moment’s notice in the content calendar. With the News, Weather and other webfeed subscriptions Otrum offers, the content is even updated for you.

Remote Content

OTRUM Digital Signage enables the publishing of information to screens hroughout your property - your restaurant, bar, lobby, conference area, elevator, etc. Networks can be wired or wireless, screens can be indoor or outdoor, portrait or landscape. The system offers two solutions in one: a dynamic publishing tool and a comprehensive conference & way-finding system. Both campaigns and conferences can be scheduled in advance, and because the entire system is web based, it can be managed from any location with any web enabled device. 
The system can generate campaigns consisting of:
  • Text – to send on-the-fly messages;
  • Images - including PowerPoint slides saved as PNG images;
  • Videos – with or without audio;
  • Pricelists – out of stock items can be easily removed;
  • RSS Feeds – airport departures, weather, news, etc;
  • HTML & Flash files support.
DIFs consist of live data pulled from the web, which are automatically updated and displayed on screen. While DIF can be sourced directly, Otrum has established licensing agreements with key DIF providers to facilitate the convenient acquisition and legal display of the data. 
OTRUM Digital Signage can interface with any professional display monitor that can receive VGA, DVI, or HDMI input. OTRUM has relationships with several vendors in the industry: Bang & Olufsen; LG; Loewe; MultiQ; Philips; Samsung.
The 4:3 MultiQ model for conference screens. Samsung and LG display monitors are popular and affordable options. Alternative models, dimensions, and vendors can be sourced upon request.


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