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Otrum Guest Internet

Guest Internet

For your guests an internet connection is as basic of a requirement as running water and electricity. Without an internet connection, your guests are likely to choose another hotel. According to numerous international studies, guests indicate that wireless internet access is the most important hotel amenity.
We offer your hotel a user-friendly and scalable guest internet service over both wireless and cabled infrastructure. For hotels using otrum enterprise, one unique benefit is the ability to use your existing coax TV antenna cabling to provide ethernet connections to your rooms. The coax cable can carry the data traffic as well as TV signals.
Our solution is very flexible, it allows you to adapt the bandwidth, free sites and access times. This gives you the ability to grant your guests tiered access to the network through online payment, billing to the room, vouchers printed from reception or by charging a credit card. The guest can use multiple mobile devices during their stay, it is up to you to decide how many. The +Guest Internet solution is designed with safety in mind. data traffic, shared folders and private information will not be visible to other users.
With Otrum’s +Guest Internet solution, you are free to select a local broadband provider to the hotel. Otrum can assist you with this process to ensure that the hotel has the best solution for your needs.

These are some of the highlights from the Otrum HSIA Solution:
  • Branded login page for acceptance of legal terms;
  • Multi-lingual access point for HSIA services;
  • Browser / Device identification;
  • Legal indemnification through T&C acceptance;
  • GUI branding for marketing purposes;
  • Secure operation for guests – protection from other guests;
  • Content control / blocked sites;
  • Compliance with anti-terror logging requirements;
  • Monitoring of malicious activities (spamming).


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